I woke up in the morning
searching for a trail,
I will follow you
even if I have to sail…

Even if the road is bad
and there is no rail,
I’ll keep searching
even in the midst of hail…

For a while I couldn’t eat
and I looked so frail,
Although there is food
supplied in a pail…

For you I’d go to jail
and reject bail,
I will remain steadfast
and never quail…

Your continuous absence
is the reason why I wail,
Because I am afraid
and don’t want to fail…

I want you back in my life
‘cos you are my grail,
I will never give up
and never derail…

If you get my plea
please send me a mail,
I will frame it
and hang it to a nail.

© MuhdLawal

Isn’t it obvious?

Since my childhood, I have met people that are dubious
Being around them is definitely arduous

But she is different and that is obvious
Because she is lovely as she is glorious

They tried to discourage me, telling me things that are spurious
Some even went as far as saying she is vainglorious

I know better because I know she is pious
Even her adversaries call her ‘the virtuous’

She is not ill-mannered neither is she pompous
She is not lazy, but rather industrious

Around her, I will never feel precarious
Because I know she will protect me from situations that are perilous

© MuhdLawal


You are my first love since I was a toddler
Learning how to walk and eager to wander

Whenever I’m cold and begin to shiver
You hold me close to your heart to make my body warmer Read More

Saving Green Earth

I am worried.. and yes, for a valid reason.

How do we as a people choose to damage our environment? Open, uncontrolled dumping of refuse everywhere. We cut down trees indiscriminately. We release CO<sub>2</sub> into the atmosphere without control.

With more industries springing up, green areas (forests) are giving way to urban development and settlement expansion.

Our streams are gone, plastic waste blocking out waterways. The land is constantly destroyed because of these non-biodegradable wastes.

But then, there is climate change.

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